Paw Patrol Birthday Party

One of my favorite parts of having a large family is all of the great parties we get to throw. My mom and I have always been “Do It Yourself”ers, and when the chance to throw my little sister a party came around, we jumped at it. My other sister, Sam, joined in the fun and together I think we pulled off a pretty awesome event!

Almost anything you see here you can request from us (even with a different theme) at MA’S Crochet and Craft Shop!


This was one of the easiest parts of the day. Most of the ideas came from pinterest, although I personally designed all of the name cards, twizzler wraps, etc.

Name Cards

I used photoshop to design food name cards, using clever “puppified” names that my mom had found through pinterest and other creative avenues. Each food card had a bone and pawprint border, one of the pups from Paw Patrol, and the name of the food it would be placed in front of.

We printed 2 per page (landscape orientation), then cut them to size and glued them onto slightly larger pieces of construction paper. Folded them in half and – Bam! – we had food name cards!

Twizzler Wraps – “Beggin’ Strips”

Originally I used Photoshop and designed these wraps to be 4″ x 2″. Turned out that was too large. We cut down one side of them to be pretty close to the pup in the oval, so that when you wrapped it around 3 or 4 Twizzlers, you wouldn’t get an overlap. The process was simple:

  • Use a non-toxic gluestick and apply a thin layer to the back of the strip, on the edge closest to the pup.
  • Lay 3 or 4 Twizzlers on the other end of the wrapper.
  • Roll Twizzlers towards glue side, wrapping the paper around them as you go. Being careful not to get glue on the Twizzlers, keep rolling until the glued side is pressed against the paper wrapper.
  • Hold for a few seconds and then place, seam side down, in a pile.
  • Let sit until you are completed with all Twizzler rolls.

If you’re interested in this idea, but not sure about how to make the wraps, let us know at MA’S Crochet and Craft Shop! We can make them for you!

Rice Krispie Treats – “Rawhides”

We used the basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe, found on their website. After it was complete, we washed and sprayed down the counter with Pam, used a durable plastic spatula to bring the sides of the mixture in closer, creating a more solid treat, and then let it cool for a while.

The longer it cooled, the easier it was to use the cookie cutter on, but once it cooled TOO long, it was hard to reshape to use the leftovers – and we got a ton of bones from the leftovers, so I wouldn’t want to skip that step by using a fridge.

My best advice is to let it cool naturally, maybe opening a window or door to the outside if you want to speed things up a bit. I would not put it in the fridge if you want to be able to use the treat mixture that didn’t make it into the first batch of bones cut out.

  • Make sure your surface stays well oiled with a cooking spray. We re-applied the cooking spray between each batch of the mixture.
  • Prepare a cookie cutter of your choice (we used a bone). To prepare, spray Pam on the counter in a separate spot (or: on a plate, in a bowl, etc.). Use this cooking spray to coat the edge and insides of the cookie cutter.
  • Once your mixture has cooled to the touch, use the cookie cutter to cut out the treats.
  • To remove the treat from the cookie cutter, gently push at the edges, working your way towards the center of the cut-out. If the treat falls apart when you try to push it through the cookie cutter, let the mixture cool for a little longer.
  • Frequently clean the edges of the cookie cutter by pinching the edge and dragging your fingers along it, pulling chunks of the mixture off as you go. The marshmallows will make the edge sticky as you progress and depending on how many you make, you might want to actually clean the cutter with soap and water at some point.
  • Frequently re-apply the cooking spray to the inside and outside of the cookie cutter as well to ease the process along. I re-applied every other cut-out or so.
  • After the treat was cut out, we used loose sprinkles to decorate an edge. We gently pushed them into the treat and they stayed pretty well.
  • Use cooking spray to  grease the inside of whatever container you want to put the treats in. Then, use wax paper to separate each layer of treats. We found that using cooking spray on the wax paper helped as well.
  • When finished, wrap in plastic wrap and you’re good to go!

The final product of everything set out was obviously awesome. We used dog bowls from the dollar store to serve food and we didn’t even have to worry about refilling them all that often. I didn’t snag a picture of it, but we also had Pizza served for lunch. There were signs indicating what kind of “Snack Bites” they were – from Pupperoni to Cheesey to simple “Supreme”.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake
Paw Patrol Birthday Cake made by Lena’s Boutique of Sweets! Featuring Rubble, Sky, Zuma, and Rocky!

To top off the entire party, Madison was made a fantastic cake by Lena’s Boutique of Sweets! It was delicious and all of the kids loved the characters featured on it. Because we used Marshall and Chase so much in the decorations, it was nice to see the other characters featured here.



What’s a party without the gift bags for the guests? These were some of our more original designs and were, yet again, big hits with the kids and adults alike.

Gift Bags

These started out as just plain paper bags, bought at the Dollar Store. We filled them with a Paw Patrol coloring book, pack of crayons, and a Paw Patrol figurine.

Each bag was decorated with sharpies and construction paper. We glued ears to the outside of the bag, created hats for each one, and, with the exception of Sky’s eyes, just drew on the faces. Sky’s eyes were made out of construction paper so the pink would show up better.

Homemade Ear Warmers

We started with the basic earwarmer design purchased from SnApPy ToTs. Then, using a bit of creativity, we expanded on the face. We did run into a few problems, such as my mom crocheted the eyes and ears while I did the basic earwarmers, and when we got together we noticed the eyes were far too big for the preschool-sized headbands in most cases. Marshall and Chase came out okay, but Sky still makes me think of ET!

Then again, I don’t like ET, so maybe I’m the only one with a problem about it, haha!

This is the sort of stuff we do all the time, so if you’re interested, head over to MA’S Crochet and Craft Shop and let us know! We’d love to make something for you!

Decorations and Clothes

The decorations we had prepared were minimal, as the primary focus of the party was the gymnastics studio we had rented for the event. But there were still a few fun touches we made.

Madison wore a custom made Paw Patrol birthday shirt that had both her name and age on it. It even featured her favorite member of the Paw Patrol – Marshall! Many thanks to Tutus by Lafue for getting this out to us just in time!

Her tutu was made by big sister Sam! There are tons of tutorials online, but I think the one we used was here, Analina Rag Dolls, and we replaced the ribbon with a long piece of elastic (as did the author). We also followed her lead in cutting the strips from a bolt of tulle instead of buying the tulle ribbon.  It’s cheaper and we’re all about saving money in favor of a little extra elbow grease!

Finally, the venue did most of the decorations, but we puppified things a little more by adding rawhide bones as weights for the balloon – you could get high quality ones, but we opted in favor of cheap dollar store bones. However, if you go that route, I recommend you not give them to your dogs afterwards. They’re often filled with gluey chemicals that make them bad for your pups to ingest. I know we scrapped these ones afterwards instead of giving my four pups some extra chewables.

All in all, the party was a great success. Madison had an amazing time and that’s what’s important.

My mom and I are very interested in doing things like this for you – so if you want to throw a party for your toddler, let us know at MA’S Crochet and Craft Shop! We’ll help you create a party that your guests won’t stop talking about.

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